Hiring a Mother’s Personal Assistant for Your Family

Published on November 20, 2017

Admin, admin, admin.  Every mother knows the feeling.  Along with potentially working full time, or having a busy schedule, the need to complete admin for the family can be overwhelming.  From organising playgroups, volunteering in school clubs, packing a school lunch through to arranging your children’s haircuts. That’s not even including all the home admin that can happen on a daily. From booking the car for a service to taking the dog for his checkup.  It can sometimes feel like an uphill swim!

So what is a mum’s helper or mother’s personal assistant or family assistant?

This is quite simply gold dust for a busy family. A mother’s personal assistant or family assistant can help relieve the pressure of the daily admin and routines.

A mother’s personal assistant will typically work closely with the mother. They will aid her in her typical duties, to provide an extra pair of hands and an extra brain!

Duties a mother’s personal assistant or family assistant might assist with include:

  1. Driving duties (such as taking the children to school and pickup)
  2. Pet care duties (such as arranging vet appointments and taking the animals to the groomers)
  3. Shopping for the family (groceries, presents and general items)
  4. Event Planning and Organisation (preparing invites, hiring caterers and contractors for the party, and running the event)
  5. Booking holidays and travel arrangements
  6. Helping with general admin and organisation (from filing through to paperwork)
  7. Sending birthday and thank you cards
  8. Business admin (should it be required, such as bookkeeping, emails etc)
  9. Some family assistants are also happy to help out with specific duties such as babysitting or childcare. Some even are wonderful chefs!

Do I have to hire a full-time assistant?

Absolutely not! Every family is different with the type of mother’s personal assistant they look to get.  Some family assistants work remotely, whilst others have a more presence in the family home.  Some work full-time, some part-time, and some ad-hoc.

A mother's personal assistant or family assistant can help relieve the pressure of the daily admin and routines Share on X

It totally depends on what your needs are and how best you can see it working with your unique family requirements.  Some mum’s helpers are taken on a temporary basis. This, for example, when the mum is pregnant and needs to have additional support during these 9 months.

A mum’s helper, mother’s personal assistant or family assistant is a great way to help stay on top of life’s admin. It also can ensure that your family never miss an appointment again! Why not get in touch with us today to chat more about how we can find you a perfect family assistant.

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