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Published on July 31, 2018

A skilled hotel manager will always become a staff leader! Click To TweetAn unforgettable hotel experience, the kind that brings rave reviews, referrals and repeat bookings, begins with highly skilled – and trained – hotel management.

Is your hotel a cosy and idyllic little getaway requiring a single manager with the personal touch?

Or is it a grande destination resort orchestrated by a team of managers who specialise in individual departments?

No matter what type of hotel, a seamlessly run establishment depends on great management, assisted by a management training programme tailored to your operational needs!

With the proper guidance, your hotel can establish its reputation as the leading service provider from the start, by giving your manager or management team the skills and tools they will need, including:

  • Directing employees
  • Maintaining the proper guest environment
  • Handling budgets
  • Monitoring bookings

So how can the right hotel management training programme set your B & B or destination resort apart?


Why Successful Management is the Key to a Successful Hotel

Hotel managers are integral to every aspect of a hotel’s operation, and they are required to bring everything together in a seamless manner so that guests can enjoy a memorable experience every time they stay.

A hotel manager works tirelessly behind the scenes to train staff, both in front and in back of house, and their best asset is a managerial training programme designed by experienced, hotel professionals who can help them see your operation from every angle.

Polo & Tweed offers complete managerial training, customised to your hotel’s needs, accompanied by regular training updates to help keep your team both refreshed and motivated to deliver consistent, top quality service.

Bring Out the Best in Your Management Team

Hotel managers live for the challenge! When you invest in a management training programme, you are showing them how valuable you believe them to be for your operation, and they will respond with loyalty and commitment.

They want the challenge of directing staff, overseeing hotel details, monitoring bookings – everything that is aimed at providing the best in luxury guest experiences – and, with the right training service, you are setting them up for certain success!

Customised Management Training

Perhaps your hotel is a boutique hotel and you depend on a single manager to oversee every department. Time management skills and guest interaction skills might be the most important aspects of their training. Or if your hotel is a luxury resort that relies on a team of departmental managers, then department-specific staff management would be beneficial.  

Whether it is a B & B or a beach resort, Polo & Tweed has your needs covered. We will listen to you and develop a specific training programme to suit your goals. And with flexible follow-ups, we can help your team make further strides that will make your hotel practically shine – and guests sing your praises!

The path to guest satisfaction begins with your commitment to those who can deliver memorable experiences, namely your staff and their leading managers. Give your management the power to bring your hotel to its fullest potential with our comprehensive management training programme.

We would love to hear from you if you are considering training or would like to know more about what we can offer. You can get in touch here and we look forward to speaking to you!

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