FAQs Answered by A Real Butler


Published on September 7, 2016

We’ve been asked many questions about the modern day butler so we decided to get one of our experienced butlers to provide some insight on some of the most frequently asked questions. Here are his answers to a few of the most popular butler questions.

How has the role of the Butler evolved over the years?

The Butler’s job has evolved dramatically in the last 20 years. The Butler now has to do many jobs, not just one. They have to be a gardener, a handyman, a driver, a chauffeur, a butler – you have to do everything now. This is not just a profession of service, those days are finished.

Is being a real life Butler like being on an episode of Downtown Abbey?

Downtown Abbey is very old fashioned. Butlering portrayed there is a very old fashioned way, which is still done in some households in UK, but not too many.

TV shows and reality are normally based on the old, traditional butlering system. Today’s Butler is much more modern, much more adaptive to various situations and environments. Whereas the old style of Butler was only a Butler, for service only, today’s Butler has to do many jobs – a gardener, handyman, housekeeper, etc. So the role is very, very different to what it was 20 years ago.

What are the benefits of being a professional Butler?

The benefits of being a Butler are quite simple. You’re living the life of other people without the money.

You get to drive in fast cars, you get to travel in private jets, you get to go on the superyachts, etc. You actually eat quite frequently the client’s food as well, same kind of standard. So you actually live the life of the person without the money.


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