From Dog Nannies to Cat Carers – Finding Private Help for your Pets

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Published on February 2, 2018

Britain is a nation of pet lovers. It is estimated that just the UK spends over 7 billion pounds on our beloved dogs, cats, and other animals. And not just the UK, worldwide more and more people find their pet as an important, if not central part of their family and will only want the best for them.

So when spending money on the best possible nutrition, designer collars and luxury beds, why not look at investing in bespoke, private care for your furry friends?

Because although we all love our animals, managing their well being on a day to day basis can be challenging. They are, after all, a big responsibility and require planning and organisation. Whether you are in a full time job, or if you are at home, making sure your pet stays stimulated and active all day can be extremely time consuming. Let alone the limitations of bookings holidays or that spontaneous weekend away.

There are many options to help in caring for your pets, like day care, dog walking, and services where people will pop into your house to take your pets for a quick wee or top up their food. These are all great options, but can come with its limitations. Perhaps your pet is not very comfortable with many other animals around him, so that would exclude day care or walks with many other dogs there. With these big set ups there sometimes also can be a lack of personal attention for your pet when they need it – and the risk of them disappearing into the background. Finally, if you are having your pet in full time care, it can get expensive quite quickly as day care places are not cheap.

Alternative options for pet care

Saving money: Dual roles

There are alternative options out there that you might not even know existed. A great option to get more value for your money is looking at hiring someone privately who covers a dual role. Here you can think about Nanny/pet care, Housekeeper / Pet care, or even a PA/pet care. If you are looking for a new housekeeper/nanny/PA for your household, or looking to replace existing staff, it might be of great value looking at someone who is highly experienced working with animals in previous jobs. Make sure to have a realistic look at all the tasks you would want them to fulfill on a daily or weekly basis, and if that fits in with caring for your pets. But for example, having a full time housekeeper, nanny or PA, who as part of their tasks takes your pets for regular walks, feeds them and looks after their well being, can very well fit within their day.

They will be spending lots of time in your house already, knowing the family routine and making the pets feel comfortable around them. Whilst you are out, travelling or at work they will be able to provide your pets with the much needed stability, routine and attention which will make them thrive.

And when you and your family are away on a trip, you can leave your pets in the trusted care of the PA/nanny/housekeeper knowing that they will be in safe hands, and your house will be looked after too!

Specialist, private care

Another option is looking at specific care for your pets. If you are in no need of other staff, or you might already have this in place, having a specific person who looks after your pets can be an extremely worthy investment. You should think of so much more than just walking a dog, feeding a cat, or cleaning a cage here. You can find someone who has solid knowledge with the specific animal you have, and their sole job will be the care and wellbeing of them.

You can think of training of a dog here that might be struggling with structure or obedience. An older animal that has health issues and needs close monitoring or rehabilitation after an operation, or getting used to medication. Or simply stimulation, love and activities on a daily basis that you might not be able to offer in your busy day to day schedule.

Having someone specifically there for your pet creates a tailor made environment which can be especially helpful if there are any issues, worries, concerns or if you just want to make sure that your beloved pet gets all the best attention in the world!


We love all animals at Polo & Tweed, and we have a lot of lovely, experienced animal carers, as well as Nannies, Housekeepers and PAs who are great and experienced caring for pets, on our books. Why not get in touch to chat to one of us about the options. We offer short term (think: last minute cover for a day, a weekend, or longer periods) and part time/full time staff who will keep you and your pets very happy!


  1. Rani Singh says:

    Me and my partner love all animals and pet’s – would love to pet sit.

    • mm LucyChallenger says:

      That’s great! We love all animals too! It’s a wonderful job to look after animals when you have a passion for it! 🙂

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