Do These Things Daily to Keep Your House Sparkling Clean


Published on April 8, 2020

Would you like to keep your house clean and organised without having to do a deep clean every day? Easy! Just follow our list of simple daily tasks that won’t take you all day – but are highly effective to keep your house clean!

So what are the daily things to do to keep your house clean?


Make the bed

A very simple but effective daily task to keep your house organised and set you up for the day. To not rush straight out of bed, and getting on with your day. But instead taking a moment to make sure the bed is nice and made up for you to get back into in the evening, really sets you up for the day. It will also give the whole bedroom a really clean feel. a very simple daily task to add to your routine!

Clear up clothes

Don’t let your clothes just lay around on the floor or on a chair in your bedroom. Make it your new daily habit to, whenever you have used an item of clothing, to either put it in a laundry bin or hang it back up in your closet. Investing in a nice laundry bin that matches your bedroom interior can be a great solution. It will look great in the room and it will make it very easy to tidy up dirty clothes!


Dry after showering

Do you have a shower screen or glass in your shower? Makes sure to wipe it dry with a towel straight after you have had a shower. This way damp and humidity will not be able to build upon the surface, causing stains and limescale. This daily task will save you a lot of time when it comes to deep cleaning your bathroom!

The right storage

Bathrooms will contain lots of small items. Make-up, toothbrushes, soaps, creams, etc. To make everything organised and clean make sure you have a good storage system in place in your bathroom so that items will not be laying around loose. You can even get simple storage baskets or tins to store items in. Just make sure to daily put any items used back in its designated basket to keep all organised and clean.


Clean the dishes

A kitchen can very quickly become a very messy area of the house if you do not stay on top of the dishes. Make it your daily habit to put any dirty dishes and cutlery straight in the dishwasher – or wash it up straight after using. That way you avoid the build-up of dirty plates, glasses, and cutlery and you also limit the risk of mold or bacteria developing on it.

Wipe kitchen surfaces

After you have finished cooking or doing the dishes, get in the habit of wiping the kitchen worktops clean with a damp cloth. This way any stains and crumbs will be clean and your kitchen will be sparkling again for you to use the next day. And yes – do lift up those bottles of oil and herbs too – don’t just wipe around them!

Sort kitchen cupboards

When is the last time you had a proper look in the back of some of your kitchen cupboards? Chances are there are loads of items in there you never even realised you had. So to make your daily life and house more organised – take some time out to fully clean and reorganise your kitchen cupboards. Organise them in such a way that items you use regularly are in easy reach and they are not overloaded. Again this will save you time on a daily to keep your house clean!

The whole house

Clear up messes straight away

Try to get into the habit of cleaning and tidying things up straight away. Instead of letting everything go for the full week, to then having to do a full clean over the weekend. You spilled something? Clean it. Clutter in the lounge? Put it away. Don’t let all the small tasks build up because in that way they will turn into an enormous task at the end of the week, and it will become much more difficult to clean too!

Take your shoes off

Get into the habit of every time you enter the house from outside, to leave your shoes at the door. Get a nice shoe rack to tidy them away so that they are not creating a mess and a trip hazard. By not taking your shoes off, you would bring in all mud, sand or dirt from outside into the house which will only result in more cleaning, vacuum cleaning and mopping tasks for you. So if you do one daily thing to keep your house clean, make sure it is taking your shoes off.

Air out your house

Open a door or window regularly to let some fresh air blow through your house. Yes, even in the winter or when it is cold. This will create a nice and fresh feeling in the house, and mostly a clean one! You can read more here about why it is so important to get fresh air.

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

Has all this inspired you to start cleaning your house better? Great! Or have you realised you still will not have time to do all this? You might want to consider hiring a Housekeeper – even if this is part-time. Polo & Tweed are world leaders in finding and placing the best housekeepers within households big and small all over the world. From full time live in Housekeepers to part-time roles. 

Polo & Tweed also have an internationally recognised training academy. Offering small group Housekeeper training, private training courses (even in your or your employer’s house) as well as online training.

To find out more about what options work best for you, or to find a new housekeeper for your household, do contact us here now and we look forward to speak to you!




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