Cheryl Mackay – Career Nanny Shares Her Tips


Published on September 18, 2017

Full Name: Cheryl Mackay

Age: 43

Location: London

How did you decide to become a career nanny? I decided to become a nanny because I had just finished my NNEB course and there was a Nanny position in my village in Suffolk where I lived.  The rest is history!

Have you had training outside your jobs? I have the NNEB Diploma Serving as a extension to the parent means meeting the needs of the child or children whilst the parents aren’t available

What should a family look for in a nanny? A family needs to look for someone who will be happy to be part of your family I believe that qualifications do matter and are a big part of it but also personality is high on your list for the perfect Nanny

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced? It’s really hard when a family want a professional nanny but insist on telling you how to do your job all the time you then need to talk about this to resolve it

How do you handle picky eaters? Picky eaters need to be dealt with patient and standing your ground no child will starve themselves and you never know if you try it you might like it! Reward a picky eater with trying too

What do you do when children won’t go to bed? If a child won’t go to bed then you keep on putting them to bed until the message gets through quietly and calmly they will soon understand if you don’t give up

What are your top tips for interviews and getting your next dream job? My top tip for interviews is to be yourself and to have questions too as it’s not only the family interviewing you need to find out if you think it is a family you can work with too

What was your most memorable moment looking after a child? There are so many memorable moments looking after children probably when a baby comes home or a child start school or masters a new goal i.e. Crawling or walking I love that no day is the same so the variety makes me enjoy the job

Lastly what are your dreams and hopes for the future? My dreams are to explore another avenue into childcare or to train others to become Nannies

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