Characteristics of a Private Household Chauffeur

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Published on June 30, 2021

Do you know what the characteristics of a private household Chauffeur are? Or should be? Whether you are looking for a new private household chauffeur and need some guidance. Or if you are a chauffeur yourself, you might want to know if you would be suited to work for a private household. Find out everything here.

Discretion Is Key

A first characteristic of a private household chauffeur would be discretion. Driving people to and from work, social engagements and other travel is a very personal thing to do. You might spend many hours in the same car together. And the chances are that you might sometimes overhear conversations that might not have been meant for you. Equally so, your employer or principal might like to share confidential information with you on your drives. As a private household chauffeur, you play a pivotal role in making sure everyone who is in the car with you feels comfortable and safe. So knowing that what happens, or is spoken about in the car, remains private, is of the most utmost importance.


Your main role as a private household chauffeur is to make sure everyone gets to their place of destination on time. So you need to be a punctual person, to be able to suit the role of a chauffeur. If you are naturally always late and quite disorganised, these are not characteristics a private household chauffeur suits, at all. You need to make sure that the journey is a stress-free as possible. A client or principal should never be waiting for you because you are running late. Even when there is traffic, you should be able to anticipate those things ahead and schedule the route in such a way that your principal and their schedule will not get affected. Therefore, punctuality is key.


A job as a private household chauffeur can be busy, hectic, and change quickly according to the and able to adapt quickly to potential changes to your day and schedule. In a private household, flexibility is needed, especially when you are responsible for everyone’s commute and travel. Appointments may change, get moved, or cancelled. So your role required a certain level of flexibility, and also for you to be able and happy to deal with lots of last-minute changes. Not everyone has the personality to suit a fast-changing work environment.

As a private household chauffeur, you can sometimes be called into work last minute, on evenings or weekends. So you need to take into account that level of flexibility to adapt to the family needs. However, and this is something for the employer side too, there are still limits to the work you should do. You should not be expected to work all hours or longer than your contracted hours. Any overtime should be paid as such. And you such be getting enough breaks in your working day too.


Are you quite a messy person? Do you forget things, and are in general not very organised? Then being a private household chauffeur might not be the right job for you.  You simply cannot afford to be disorganised when you are working as a chauffeur for a private household. As mentioned above already, you are a key person in making sure the day goes smoothly for everyone in the household. So make sure you are always prepared for the day and week at hand. As a chauffeur, you should always calculate the extra travel time for any unforeseen circumstances. It is your job to make sure everyone still gets to their destinations on time, so being organised is key to achieving this.

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

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