6 Ways That Training Can Fine Tune Your Aviation Crew

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Published on January 29, 2018

Private Jets is a big business. HNW, VIP and corporate clients have long since been using the joys of private jet travel. Some of the fastest growing companies today are private aviation companies, and investors are sitting up and taking notice.

Owners of private jet companies range from investment banks through to private individuals, but the same is true across the board, the service, style and finishing touches expected to be achieved by the crew should be of the very highest standards.

Aviation service should combine a Michelin star restaurant, the housekeeping standards of The Ritz, the service skills and finishing touches noted in only the most luxury and high-end properties, and the flexibility found on board the megayacht crews. Add to this mix, the health and safety of air travel and the results is a 7* service crew.

But how can this be achieved? How do you take a ‘standard’ crew member with all the basic training and re-vitalise their approach? Here are the 8 ways that private flight attendant training can fine tune and bring the wow factor on board.

1. What Type Of Private Flight Attendant Training Do You Need?

Think about the nature of what you need to achieve. It is a given that your crew will have the basics and flight training requirements. They have most likely come from a commercial aviation background and will be transferring into the private jet world. Do you need the entire team trained to ensure that the standards are met across the board? Do you need the head trainers and the managers to also be trained to ensure that the crew below them are managed in the right way?

It is important that you first define your needs for the private flight attendant training. Without these needs defined, you will never be able to fine-tune the skill set your crew require to make a big wow factor for anyone visiting and travelling on board.

2. Picking The Right Private Flight Attendant Training Provider

There are many private flight attendant training providers to pick from, and it is always great to have a choice, but sometimes too much choice can make it harder to pick. Don’t just go with the first result on Google, take your time to do your research. The last thing you want to do is have your staff go to training sessions twice because the first service was inadequate. It’s worth the extra research to find the right private flight attendant training program.

If you speak to a company, ask to speak to previous clients or students who have undertaken the training. Ask to see sample modules or speak to the trainer(s). Google the company and see if there are positive (or negative) reviews out there. Consider budget and timeline. The cheapest isn’t always the best option, nor the most expensive.

The right private flight attendant training provider is going to be able to provide YOU with the best experience and shape the training to suit your specific needs (which you’ve by now established). The fine tuning should only be done by a company or professional who knows the detail – that way you are going to learn exactly what you need.

3. Location Of The Training

Training for aviation and jets can be quite different from land-based training. The private flight attendant training provider must appreciate that the setup and space that the crew are working in is vastly different in size depending on the type of aircraft that the crew are operating on. One of the techniques that we use during our aviation training is to mark up the actual space of the most commonly used private jet. We use tape and chairs to simulate the cabins and space that the crew are working. Then with the practical applications and theory-based work being put into actual practice, we can use the space.

We also fly our trainer out to work on board, so that a real-life setting can be used – but we recognise that many aircrafts are in constant use and therefore the ‘mock-up’ settings are often favoured by aviation training bookings.

4. Safe Environment To Train

One of the major factors in providing your private jet crew with training means that they have a safe space to ask questions. They can ask about things that they might not feel comfortable asking a senior member of staff. Furthermore, they can practice in a safe environment, make mistakes and discuss ways to improve and obtain better skills.

The Polo & Tweed trainers are experienced in guiding and creating fun and positive training environments. The CEO of the company, Lucy has a background in training herself, and she knows that positive re-enforcement is the key to a positive learning experience

5. Theory vs. Practical

The private flight attendant training should be split into two aspects. Theory and practical. With the theory, this will give the crew the chance to clearly define objectives working with the unique selling point of the jet company. It will also make sure that there are no question marks over the theory.

The practical will then allow the crew to practice and re-enforce the theory, which may be new or may be being re-visited. Either way, it will allow the complete confidence of the crew member to grow, and to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the skills.

6. Private Flight Attendant Training Cost

Private flight attendant training can be an expensive route to take for your crew. But the difference it can make to teamwork, comradeship, and the sense of focus is priceless. Take your time to research the options.

Don’t always go for the most expensive offer and by no means go for the cheapest. Remember if it looks too good to be true, it probably is! Ultimately ensure that the T&C that you agree to is clear and that the service provider will give you what you need to execute your staff training.

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Private aviation staff training can make a major difference in the way your crew and jets are run. The crew will become more efficient, and the detail and finishing touches will be noticed by the clients and owner. Staff productivity increases and staff relationships can become easier. Ultimately the client will get what they want which is a perfectly operated jet, with the luxury 5* experience on board.

No matter what your requirements are, or however big or small your team of staff is, if you need any more advice or even just some more guidance, our team at P&T can help your crew reach perfection in their daily duties. We look forward to hearing from you.

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