5 Ways A Weekend Training Course for Your Chef Will Change Your Life


Published on August 2, 2016

A quick refresh = lasting results 

You love food and appreciate a healthy lifestyle but you are also extremely busy. Life without your private chef would be… tough. 

Like many things, the first few months of a personal chef are amazing; New dishes, wonderful food, great service. But like anything, routines set in and the novelty starts to wear off as you slide into a routine.

Your chef is still there, preparing  meals, planning dinners, stocking the larder, but it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. Although the quality of food might still be the same as when the chef first started, it probably doesn’t taste quite as good as it did the first time.

Instead of firing and hiring to revamp your dining experience, consider a weekend training course for your chef to freshen things up. You’ll save time and money while building a stronger and more enjoyable relationship with your personal chef. Not only will your chef come home with new skills and cuisine ideas, they will also be grateful for your investment in them which will be reflected in your food and quality of service.

Here are a few benefits your can expect from a personal chef training course:

Service Skills

There are wonderful, short Silver Service Training courses available which can enhance your home dining experience.

Silver service training will take your personal chef’s presentation to the next level. Alongside preparing the most outstanding meals, your personal chef will properly set the table and serve each dish with outstanding grace.

Proper silver service presentation will make even the most simple weekday meal feel like a special celebration. Don’t forget about dinner parties, birthdays and events. Your guests will be wowed by the outstanding table settings and impressive service that complement the professional dishes your chef prepares.


Taste and health are most important, but presentation is in close second. This is a common area where chefs can get a bit lazy once they are settled into their positions. 

Your chef’s meals might be outstanding. They might be the best meals you have ever had in a home setting, and cooked exactly to your taste, needs, and dietary requirements. If you want to know how it can get any better… the answer is presentation. The same dish might take on a whole new meaning to you and your guests with a new twist or little flare in presentation. 

Presentation may be a small touch for most personal chefs, but it can go a long way with you and your guests.

Wine pairing

A very interesting part of some Silver Service Training courses is wine and food pairing. Your chef might be a lovely cook, understanding your flavours and cooking towards your needs and requirements – but it can be so much more. With knowledge of wine and food pairing your chef will not only to serve you the most lovely meals, but also source and advise you on the best wines to drink with the meals.

Newfound Inspiration

As in any profession, it can be difficult to keep finding new ideas and get inspiration when in a busy, full time job. This is where a personal chef weekend training course would fit in perfectly: to give your chef an afternoon, day or weekend to get new experiences, see different chefs at work, and renew their inspiration.

Sometimes all it takes is an afternoon with a few experienced chefs to give your personal chef a few month’s worth of ideas that will liven up your home dining.

New diets/products

A main reason for anyone to undertake training is to stay up to date with the changes and new areas within your area of expertise or profession. Food, diets, and lifestyles are constantly changes and heavily influenced by trends, fashions and fads.

A weekend training course can give your chef new insights and knowledge about the latest trends and new dietary styles. Another valuable asset for you chef is knowing facts from fiction in new diets so they really know what types of diets and cooking styles will work for you and your family.


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