5 Great Housekeeping Tips for the Month

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Published on April 18, 2024

5 Great Housekeeping Tips for the Month

This time of year when the sun is shining and the days are longer is great for feeling motivated. Now is the time to get some jobs done that may have been left untouched for a while. Here are 5 Great Housekeeping Tips for the Month to get you started.

1. Clean Cupboard Shelves

Countertops and the fronts of cupboards get wiped down daily but it’s the insides that often get left. In the kitchen it’s surprising how quickly the cutlery drawer can accumulate crumbs and food storage often ends up with split items or sticky jars. Begin with taking everything out and checking the dates. Wipe or wash clean any bottles, jars or canisters. Using the brush attachment on the vacuum to clean out any debris. Wipe clean with a general all purpose cleaner or a mild detergent. If you have stubborn marks then you can rely on the baking soda to do the job. Sanitise door handles and allow cupboards and drawers to dry completely before putting everything away.

2. Clean the Fridge

Prepare yourself well for this by grabbing a large cooler box or bag and some ice packs to empty items from the fridge into. Cleaning out the fridge can take longer than you realise if it’s not been done for a while. It also means you don’t have to rush because food items are left out whilst you get the job done. Remove all the drawers and shelves and wash them in the sink. Wipe the inside of the fridge out with a neutral odour free product such as vinegar and water. Avoid strong chemicals as food can absorb odours. Cotton buds are great for getting into the corners of the fridge or shelves. Check dates on all items and ensure they are clean and return to the fridge. Try and organise your fridge with labels facing forwards and use containers to stack and make space.

3. Cushion Revival

We all love cushions in a house, whether its on a bed or sofa. Over time they can look a little sad and flat, they need plumping to bring them back to life. Moisture can build up inside the filing making them lifeless and heavy. The best option if possible is to put them outside to dry out, or you can opt for a low short setting in the tumble dryer to fluff them up. When we plump cushions and give them a beating we are releasing the fibres and this allows the air to circulate better. Regularly fluffing cushions can help maintain their shape and prevent them from looking flat. Similarly, rotating and fluffing pillows can keep them looking plump and comfortable. These simple tasks can help extend the life of your cushions and pillows, ensuring they remain in good condition for longer.

4. Line Dried Washing

Where possible it’s great to be able to hang clothes outside to dry. Be careful that you are not damaging fine garments by leaving them exposed to direct sunlight though. However, most people leave their washing line or whirligig out all year round. Give this a pressure wash and clean with a cloth and detergent. Aim to eliminate mould or mildew that could get onto freshly washed linen and clothing. It might be time to splash out on some new pegs, avoid cheap pegs that don’t last long and leave an indent onto clothing. Aim for pegs that are rounded and durable, and be careful of where on the garment you place the pegs, the seams and under armpit area is a good position.

Our final great housekeeping tip is:

5. Window Care

Some people have window cleaners for the exterior and just clean the interior. However, many forget to clean the inside frames of the windows. This is where bugs and spiders have most likely been hanging out for the winter. Try not to leave this until you really need the windows open for fresh air, you could be swamped with dead bugs, and lots of cobwebs. Regularly opening windows for fresh air is crucial to prevent a buildup of dead bugs and cobwebs. By maintaining a routine of ventilation, you can ensure a cleaner and more pleasant living environment.

We would love to hear about any housekeeping tips that you may have. We love to read Good Housekeeping for new amazing tips, take a look here.

A good housekeeper will be on top of all the housekeeping items above, however if you are not sure this is being done or scheduled then Polo & Tweed can help. We can advise on a consultancy basis how to get the most out of your staff. Did you know that we also can help with creating schedules? Contact us here to find out more. Or give us a call 0203 858 0233, and speak to one of the team.


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