Top 10 Interview Questions To Ask A Norland Nanny

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Published on September 23, 2016


Norland nannies are probably the best nannies on the market at the moment. They are the Mary Poppins of our present day nannies, or the Rolls Royce of childcare. Norland nannies are the the preferred choice of childcare for the rich, the HNWI, VIP or Royals, including names such as Mick Jagger and Prince Williams and Kate.

If you’re on the market for a Norland nanny, you’ll want to make sure you vet candidates properly. Here are the top 10 most important interview questions to ask your Norland nanny candidates.

Norland nannies are nannies who have graduated from the Norland College. They will have an Early Years Qualification and also the Norland Diploma, at least 1 year work experience full time working in a family’s home, a DBS check and a 12-hour Pediatric First Aid Course. They can work full time or part time, live in or live out. Their salaries can start at around £21,000 for someone who has just qualified and can go up to £100,000, depending on experience, hours, duties etc.

The 10 Most Important Interview Questions to Ask a Norland Nanny

  1. Why should I choose you over a ‘normal’ nanny? Before you decide if you should go for a Norland nanny, you should do your homework/ research, however if still in doubt, then now it’s the time to ask her what she has to offer more as opposed to a ‘normal’ nanny
  2. When have you finished the Norland College? Double check this as you want to make sure she has the right experience for your family/ children.
  3. What are the duties that you will do and what are the duties that you will not do as a Norland Nanny? Most Norland nannies will only do childcare duties only, so make sure you check what duties she is happy to do so there are no misunderstandings later on.
  4. Depending how formal/ informal your household is, discuss if she has to/ doesn’t have to wear the Norland uniform. If your home is very formal, then she will obviously have to wear the uniform, however if it’s quite informal, you might want her to blend in with the rest of the family/ staff and be in jeans and a tshirt etc, so do check she is happy with that as well!
  5. Do you have an up to date DBS and a First Aid certificate? All Norland nannies should have an up to date DBS and First Aid Certificate, however it’s always good to double check on these things before you employ her
  6. Can I have contact details for your referees so I can speak to them as well?  If you’re using an agency they should have checked at least two of her references, but you should also do your own checks.
  7. What activities will you be doing with my children? Considering she comes from such a prestigious college, she must know a lot of activities to do with the children, so do check on her creativity.
  8. What are your ideas on raising the children? Make sure that you are both on the same page and she respects your ideas.
  9. Is there any training that you have to attend every so often as part of being a Norland nanny? Norland nannies are strongly advised by the college they just graduated that they should undertake at least 15 hours of Continuing Professional Development to make sure that they keep their skills and knowledge up to date, so make sure you both agree when this can happen (in her own time, during the holidays, etc.)
  10. What menu will you be offering the children? Make sure that she is very clear on what kind of diet your children are on (healthy food, no junk food, etc.) so she knows and follows your rules.


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