10 Questions About Hiring A Postnatal Doula


Published on December 19, 2016

You’ve just had your baby and are thinking of getting some support, great! It’s a daunting new world for first time mums, or even mums that feel they need a greater level of support with baby number 2, 3 or 4! A postnatal Doula can give you the precious support and care that your precious baby (and the whole family) would benefit from. So here are the 10 most common questions asked before hiring a Postnatal Doula:

1. Can my Doula cook?

Yes. Part of your Postnatal Doula’s job is to help and support you in the way that you choose and if you feel that cooking is part of where you need the most help then cooking is what she shall do. If you know that this is something you need help in from early on, then it is probably a good idea to mention this during interviews as not all postnatal doulas cook!

So remember to check and ask her A) If she’s happy to cook and B) What kind of skill set she has. It may also be a good idea to let her know how much cooking you expect to be done and what kind of cuisine you prefer. Many postnatal Doulas will batch cook so that all your meals are ready for you.

2. Can my Doula help around the house?

Yes. To put it simply, your postnatal doula is there to help and support you. If having an extra pair of hands with chores helps you relax, be comfortable, and enjoy more time with your baby, then your Doula is there for that.

As with the cooking request, it’s best to discuss this with your Doula during your initial meeting. So that you can see what she might be able to offer you and equally so that she can see what additional things she might be able to support you in.

3. Can I leave her with my baby so that I can go & sleep?

Of course 🙂 You are under no obligation to sit and entertain your postnatal doula when she comes round. She is there to support you. If you feel that within the first 5 seconds of saying Hello that you just want to go to sleep or rest or bathe for a while undisturbed then all you need to do is tell that to your postnatal Doula so that she can support you by taking your baby for a while.

4. What’s the difference between a Postnatal Doula and a Maternity Nurse?

This is a question that gets asked often. The difference between a Maternity Nurse and Postnatal Doula is that a Maternity Nurse is there mainly to help you with your baby by guiding you on direct baby matters like feeding, winding, bathing, colic, routine etc, and is also there to make sure that generally both you and baby are doing well.

A postnatal doula, on the other hand, is there to support you IN caring for your baby. She is not there to teach or take over. She is there simply to ensure your comfort and sure that you are best supported to care for your own baby. Postnatal doulas are trained in certain aspects of feeding so they can make suggestions for you but don’t advise.

5. Can a Postnatal Doula look after my other children?

Of course she can. Your postnatal doula is there to support you in ways that fit around your needs. Share on X When meeting your postnatal doula for the first time, make sure you mention to her that looking after her other children is part of the support package. Postnatal doulas are, of course, flexible so they will often anticipate that this may be the area where you need assistance.

6. Can my Doula stay overnight?

Yes, postnatal doulas sometimes stay overnight in order to provide assistance and support with the little one throughout the night. They often stay during the night in order to help you get a full night’s worth of relaxed sleep.

7. How will I know if she is good, I’ve never had a doula before?

This is a good question. If you’ve never had a postnatal doula before it might be a good idea to either check her references and speak to some previous families she has worked with (or alternatively- have a read of her testimonials) or speak with an agency like Polo and Tweed who can do all the checking and match for you.

8. I want her to follow my approach on feeding, is this ok?

Of course you can. Whether you breast, bottle, or PEG feed (or even if you are at the stage of weaning) it is entirely down to you how you wish to be supported. Your postnatal doula is there as a guide to help you during your parenting experience.

It’s a good idea to discuss your approach to feeding with her when you meet so that she can understand what approach you would like to take together.

9. What does she get up to when she’s not doula-ing?

It’s perfectly normal to ask this question. It’s really important that when hiring your postnatal doula, you get to know her because she will be part of your personal parenting. As she plays such an important role in your family it might be a good idea to ask her a little bit about herself and what she gets up to in order to make the bond with her as she will inevitably be making a bond with you and your baby.

10. How much does a Postnatal Doula cost and where can I find one?

*Prices do vary depending on the Doula, her experience and her qualifications. Doulas are free to set their prices themselves and will often be happy to take your personal budget into account. It is possible to search on Google for an independent Doula or alternatively to ask Doula training agencies.

Did these 10 most common questions about hiring a postnatal doula help? If you have any more questions, or are not sure how to find the best doula or childcare for you – we can help! Why not get in touch with us here at Polo and Tweed. We would be very happy to help you find the perfect match so whatever your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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