Most Common Questions Asked When Hiring a Birth Doula


Published on December 29, 2016

Hiring a Birth Doula can be both a daunting and exciting experience. It’s also a unique experience, as you’re finding a person who will cater for your every need during birth and beyond. Choosing the right Doula is key to your entire birth experience, so it’s important to ask meaningful questions when you interview.  We’ve compiled the most common questions asked when hiring a Birth Doula, which will give you a solid place to start for the interview process.

1. Will she be there while I am giving birth?

Yes, she most likely will be. Part of a Birth Doula’s job is to help and support you in the way that you choose during birth. This may involve hand holding, helping you make informed choices, massage and breathing techniques.

Birth Doulas are hired specifically to be there during your labouring process, and she will help, support and guide you where needed. If you want a slightly more hands-off approach, then Doulas can also be hired simply to guide your partner in supporting you.

2. Can she deliver my baby?

No, Doulas cannot assist with delivery as they are not medically trained. Their role is to provide support to you in your birthing journey.

If your baby surprises everyone and arrives before medical staff can intervene, then your Birth Doula will help to catch the baby and advise you on what to do until you receive medical attention.

3. Is she going to see me naked?

Possibly. Birthing is a very intense and personal process, and mothers often remove clothing in order to be more comfortable. There also needs to be a clear area for birthing- whether that be vaginally or by cesarean section- so labouring mothers are often unclothed down below.

If you choose to labour in a birth pool, this might also mean you  have less clothes on. You should always feel as though your dignity has been maintained during birth, and if you feel uncomfortable with being totally undressed or having certain people (such as family, trainee midwives or even your doula) around during the process then you should tell her. She will ensure that you are made as comfortable and private as possible.

4. Will I need to interview her?

Yes, you will need to meet with your Doula as early as possible before the birth so that you can get to know each other. You may also decide to meet a few different Doulas. This will allow you to choose the one who gives you the best feeling of someone to have around you during your birthing process.

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5. Is she going to know my birth plan?

Yes, and ideally she will also be the one helping you to design it. When you meet with your Doula before giving birth, she will discuss with you different birth plan options.

You Doula will also ensure she has a copy of your birth plan to hand when you go into labour, so that when you’re concentrating on giving birth, your Doula can advocate on your behalf. Your wishes and desires will be at the forefront of her mind.

6. Can I get her to leave if I want space during birth?

Yes. Don’t be afraid to tell your Doula to leave if you want your own space during birth. She will be happy to give you the space to be free and focused, and will make sure she is available in case you need anything.

7. Can she look after my other children?

It is possible, but this is something to discuss with your Doula at the point of interview. First and foremost, a Birth Doula’s job is to be with you during your birth.

8. Can I get her to stay after I give birth?

Of course. Ideally, when booking your Doula, you can go through these details with her and see if she offers postnatal services. Many Birth Doulas are also postnatal Doulas too.

Most Birth Doulas will visit you after your birth anyway to make sure that you are well, and to debrief your birthing experiences with you. They will also be around for a little while to ensure that feeding is going well.

9. Can she massage me?

Yes, your Doula will be trained in some massage techniques to help soothe you before and during birth. If there is anything that you need during this time, ask your Doula and she will help you with easing pain or tension from your body.

10. Where do I find a Doula and how much do they cost?

Prices vary depending on the Doula, her experience and her qualifications. Doulas are free to set their prices themselves and will often be happy to take your personal budget into account.

Did these most common questions asked when hiring a birth doula, help? If you are more questions or would like more information. We would love to help! So do get in touch with us here at Polo and Tweed. We would be very happy to help you find your perfect Birth Doula, so whatever your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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