Step-by-Step Guide Polo & Tweed follow for DBS processing

  1. Once you have paid for your DBS, the DBS desk at Polo and Tweed will send you a Self-Consent document which you need to read carefully, answer a few questions and then date it and sign it.
  2. Then we will send you a link to the DBS account with your log in details (ID and password).
  3. Next you will log into the website, fill in all your details requested there, and before you submit your details, print off the Verify form and then submit your details.
  4. Then you will take the Verify form with all your 3 forms of ID to one of the professionals mentioned on the form to check your IDs and follow all the steps on the Verify form (including the professional who verifies your identity and who needs to go online with the ID and password on the form to submit the identity verification).
  5. Once that is done, please let the DBS desk at Polo and Tweed know as well so we can check everything and submit the last step to DBS.

Professionals who can verify your form include:

  • Solicitor
  • Teacher or Head Teacher
  • Civil Servant – EO or above
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacist
  • Social Worker
  • Nurse
  • Allied Health Professional

Documents Accepted as Proof of ID and/ or Proof of Address

For a full list of documents that are accepted as proof of ID and of proof address, visit our DBS Documents blog post.