Questions Ask A RecruiterWhy do you need a copy of my passport on file?
Robert asked 8 years ago

Why do you need a copy of my passport on file? i heard I have to provide my passport and I’m very protective over my passport, can you explain why you need a copy??

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mmLucy Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Robert,
I completely understand your protective approach to your passport – I am the same!  When we formally register a candidate we create a private file.  In this file only employees of the agency have access to the paperwork inside.  When you are in the job process of applying for a new role, once you have interviewed and potentially trialed with a family then hopefully an offer of work is made.  At this point (once you have accepted the offer) we request permission to send your passport and other documentation through to our client.  This is so that they can keep this in their file on record as the new member of staff for their household.

At no other point will your personal information including your passport be used.  We have a duty of care to protect both our clients and our candidates, and by keeping your passport on file it proves your ID.  If a candidate doesn’t own a passport then we accept other forms of ID such as driving licences etc.  However the passport is the preferred choice as it is a government document that is very difficult to be forged.

We highly respect your private details and rest assured treat them with the highest respect and security as if it were our own documents.

I hope that helps your questions
Lucy Challenger

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