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Jenn asked 8 years ago

Ladies (and gents!) what do your employers typically ask you to do outside of duties directly related to children? I’m a professional nanny (this is my first family) and I just wondered if its normal to be asked to do children’s laundry and tidy their room?

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mmLucy Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Jenn, Thanks for a great question!  From a professional agents perspective there are two types of nannies, the nanny who will purely focus on the children’s duties, and this will include tidying up the children’s areas, cooking for the children and doing laundry for them, and then the nanny/housekeeper who does a wider range of household duties.  Every family is different, and every candidate is different in how they approach this.  But typically a career nanny should be willing to help with all aspects of child-related duties.  I hope this helps!

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