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Lani asked 7 years ago

Hello, I am a Filipina and I am from the Philippines. I just want to know if I am eligible to work in UK? If so, what are the requirements or steps to be eligible to work in UK. Thank you

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mmLucy Staff answered 7 years ago

Hello Lani, thank you for your question.  We have lots of wonderful candidates who join our books from across the globe.  Each country has different requirements about VISAs etc, so as an agency (we introduce candidates to potential jobs) we don’t get involved with sponsorship or VISAs.  You are welcome to apply to any job we have, but you must have a valid work permit to work in that country.  There are lots of re-location experts out there, so if you need a recommendation feel free to get in touch with us directly for one.  Sorry we can’t assist more in this area.  Good luck with your job and VISA hunt!  Lucy

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