Questions Ask A RecruiterHow long does it take to find a placement as a nanny?
Genae asked 8 years ago

I’m a nanny with 10 years of experience and I’m looking for a long-term position with an elite family. I’ve been working short term jobs to fill in the gaps since my last long term family, but I’m anxious to find a new placement. How long does it normally take for you to find a position for experienced live in nannies?

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mmLucy Staff answered 7 years ago

Hello Genae
Looking for your next long term job can be a frustrating period.  Having temporary placements whilst searching is a good move to keep you busy.  Timelines will vary from client to client as to the speed they look to recruit.  Some clients will hire in under a month, others will search with a longer timeframe for example 2-3 months.  Normally the job spec will show the timescale the client is working on, and if you are working with us or other agencies they should inform you of the client’s timeline (if they can!).  We are always looking for experienced live in nannies for a range of our roles, so when you are next looking to search again, just let us know!  

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