Questions Ask A RecruiterDo I need to speak any other languages apart from English if I want to apply for your roles?
Sara asked 8 years ago

I’m currently learning Italian, but I only speak English. Do I need to have any other languages before I can apply for a job with Polo & Tweed?

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mmLucy Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Sarah,

Great that you’re learning another language! As Polo & Tweed is an international Agency, we have clients (and candidates) all over the world, all with their different requests and requirements. So we do get many clients asking for a candidate who speaks a specific language. Maybe because of the country they live in, the language they want their child to learn, or the language they/other staff speak in the house. We definitely have lots of great job for only-English speakers, but learning, and being able to speak another language can potentially open doors to even more, exciting roles.

Kind regards
Aafke – Polo & Tweed

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