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Cynthia S. asked 8 years ago

I don’t have a driving licence – does that matter? I am a housekeeper of 20 years and I would like to work in more higher end client’s home. Many of my friends who work for similar clients say that having a driving licence is always a requirement. Do you think I need a driving licence in order to apply for a well paid job in a VIP or HNW home?

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mmLucy Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Cynthia,

Great question!  To hold a driving licence is not always a requirement, but having one will open you up to a new range of job opportunities. For example if part of the role is running errands or doing the shopping (as often housekeepers are asked to do for the upper end of the market) then having a driving licence will allow you to do this.  If the role is outside of London, either rural or in different countries (where public transport is not as good as London) sometimes holding a driving licence is key. You don’t need to own a car (as often the client will provide one).  If you don’t feel confident doing your full test why not consider at least passing an automatic driving test, as this will at least give you the option to drive automatic cars in new positions.
We recommend getting a European driving licence, for example British driving licences are held in high regard around the world.  But if you have a licence from a non-european country you could look into converting into the local licence, especially if you plan to remain in the country for many years to come.
So in a nutshell you don’t need a driving licence, but if you have one it will open you up to more job opportunities.  I hope that helps 🙂


Lucy Challenger


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