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Tiffany L asked 7 years ago

Why do you need to check my references BEFORE I go for an interview? I’m confused, there is a great role that I’ve applied for and you’ve told me that the client wants to meet me, but why do my references need to be checked now – I haven’t even met the client yet!

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mmLucy Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Tiffany
I can understand your frustrations.  Let me explain from our perspective in order to help.  As an agency clients come to us because we are able to help find and source them the very best of staff.  Our agency fee covers the time we spend in the recruitment process to candidate sourcing, advertising the jobs and perhaps the most important part of the process is vetting the candidate themselves.  Most of our clients are too busy to check references or vet the candidates and this is what we are doing on their behalf. So when you express an interest in one of our roles (great!) we then have to verify who you are.  This will include an in person interview (either in person or on Skype so we can see you), gathering all your documents (ID, certificates etc) and then references.  We speak to your references because ultimately they will verify your CV, its important to make sure that you’ve had a positive career and have good feedback from past employers as our clients want only candidates with a good and positive work history around their families.  

Then once you’re vetted with us you are good to go, now and in the future.  We won’t have to repeat the process with you, although we encourage you to send across new references once you complete new roles to keep your file up to date.  We really respect references time and would never pass them on without your permission.  Sometimes when you are offered the role, the client may wish to speak to the references themselves and we would always ask you first.  
Rest assured we treat your references with respect and privacy as we know they will get regularly contacted especially when you are looking for your next job!  I hope that helps.  Any other questions please just ask.
Lucy Challenger

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