Sarah Dixon – Founder of the Maternity Nurse Association


Published on December 11, 2017

Full Name: Sarah Dixon

Location: Worldwide

Profession: Founder of the Maternity Nurse Association

Why did you decide to enter your profession?

I was working as a nanny in Saudi Arabia and admired the maternity nurse who was working with the sibling.

What were the challenges you faced at the start of your career?

My age! I was constantly told that I was too young, I was 22 when I sat my Maternity Nurse Practitioner award.

What are families in London looking for in an Elite nanny/maternity nurse?

Experience, commitment to continuous professional development and discretion.

Tell us a little about your first position and what it taught you?

My first Maternity Nurse position was for a super busy American family with 4 children, the mum was happy to show me the ropes and provided honest feedback.

What skills are unique to super nannies/super maternity nurses in London?

Access to excellent further training, supportive agencies and great resources.

Since then, give us some insight into your favourite jobs and what made them so special?

I enjoyed every moment of my maternity nurse career, I saw the world and had experiences that I would have never had- travelling on a yacht, private plane etc and meeting so many fantastic clients.

What has been the most challenging situation you have faced in your professional career to date and how did you overcome it?

When clients don’t want you to leave, and you don’t want to leave but you know that you have given them the tools to do it themselves and that is extremely rewarding.

What is it like to care for children of Elite London families?

An enjoyable challenge, often people envisage being a maternity nurse or nanny for VIP’s to be extremely glamorous but it can involve lots of travel and long hours.

What do you most love about your job?

I am so proud to have founded the Maternity Nurse Association, which gives our members access to resources that have never been available before.

What are your top tips for interview techniques?

  1. Ensure you are prepared
  2. Be on time, but not too early
  3. Look smart and well presented
  4. Take your portfolio
  5. Ask questions

What would be your advice to new candidates starting out in the profession?

The Maternity Nurse industry is competitive and getting your first placement can be hard, try to volunteer and get newborn references. In my opinion, a mixture of experience and training is important. I founded the Maternity Nurse Association which welcomes trainee members and with over 150 downloads – you can always find the answer to your question.

Lastly, what are your dreams and hopes for the future?

I would love to see the Maternity Nurse Association grow and gain industry recognition.

If you would like to know more about Sarah, the maternity nurse association or would like to hire a top maternity nurse, we’d love to hear from you.


  1. Veronica Hinojosa-stang says:

    Very good morning: I was unable to open the link for the Maternity Nurse Association.
    I am a Postpartum Doula, Infant and Newborn care with 20 years of training and experience and I wanted to please share my resume with you and take any other training if needed from you so I could apply or be in your database for any Baby Nurse, Maternity Murse or Postpartum Doula position.
    Thank you

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