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Published on February 11, 2019

If you employ housekeepers for your home, a hotel or yacht, having them follow a checklist is vital for getting the job done properly and consistently. Click To Tweet

A rota or schedule outlines the cleaning requirements for each room but a hotel housekeeping checklist is also important.

Why is private hotel housekeeping checklist important?

When employing housekeepers for your establishment, a hotel housekeeping checklist will give them clear guidelines of your expectations and requirements to maintain consistently high standards. The guidelines should include a time line and a realistic output for the housekeeper to achieve each day.  Many private homes, hotels, and places that employ housekeepers often fall short of this. Unless you have an incredible solo housekeeper that gets the job completed day in, and day out, standards will slip.  After all, that amazing housekeeper will one day move on, and then you’ll be left with a huge hole which you struggle to fill!

The hotel checklist is a simplified version of a rota or a schedule.  It’s simply a checkbox-style list of duties that are expected to be performed in each room.  This can be used by an individual, by a company, or a manager.  The checklist can be adjusted to suit the needs of the specific property as well as the level of standards required.  It’s your personal checklist to success!

What does the housekeeping checklist include?

A housekeeping checklist will list all the areas of the venue/property, and then outline them in a check list that’s easy to follow with the tasks expected to be completed.  The checklist becomes more detailed for busy family properties, and more repetitive for hotel rooms, but the concept remains the same.

Each room on the checklist will depict which duty is expected to be completed. For example: empty the bins, or wipe down the surfaces.  Then, once the task has been completed, the housekeeper can check the list. Employers often laminate the checklist, and then provide the housekeeper with a wipe-off pen, allowing them to mark the check list as they go along each day.  Whatever works for you and your housekeeper, this checklist becomes an invaluable but fluid list, which can be added to or adjusted whenever needed.

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How can P&T help simplify the cleaning and make it lighter?

Housekeeping is a detailed job.  If you miss out a task, unattended jobs will build up, and you’ll end up creating more work.  It’s vital that the checklist is suited to your property and your needs. Consider allowing us to create a simple rota, or a more complex schedule.  The more you customize your personal approach, the easier cleaning will be – simple, light and efficient!

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