Why You Should Consider A Security Chauffeur


Published on June 13, 2016

What could be more important than the health and safety of you and your family?

Safety is something we would like to share our thoughts on from a domestic service point of view. Security, especially in the London area, has become much of a topic and a bigger point of concern lately. And rightly so.

We can reduce our exposure to risk by making sure the right processes – and if needed, staff – are in place to plan ahead, recognise potential risk, and prohibit compromising situations for you and your family.

Travel is a key area where extra security is necessary. One can have the most high end security systems, alarms and protection arranged for the house, but when you leave your property you are more vulnerable. You no longer can control the full space you and your family are moving around in, nor the people that might enter your space and surroundings. It is in these situations when a security driver may be an excellent solution.

There are few things more frustrating than not being able to leave your house and live your life the way you please. If a security concern is stopping you from leaving your property or contributing to your stress level in one way or another, consider a security driver.

What you’re really getting with a security driver is peace of mind. This is a professionally trained member of your staff who will make sure you and your family can get on with your day without having to worry about any type of security threat, or compromising situation, whatsoever.

What A Security Driver Is (and Isn’t)

There a many confused and mixed messages about the existence, background, and tasks of a security driver. Let’s clarify what a security can do for you and your family and what you should expect when hiring one.

An important myth to be busted, is that a security driver is not a chauffeur. Chauffeurs can be wonderful additions to your household, having excellent knowledge of the traffic and roads around you, the highest, butler-level service skills and outstanding knowledge of purchasing and upkeep of all sorts of vehicles.However, a chauffeur is not security. If you don’t need the extra security, hiring a chauffeur may suite your better than a security driver. 

There is a very blurry, and quite frankly dangerous trend at the moment where chauffeurs are putting themselves forward as ‘security chauffeurs’, ‘bodyguard chauffeurs’, and many varieties to that theme. It is a dangerous movement as there is a risk of hiring a chauffeur pretending to be highly skilled and trained in security, when they actually have none of the above qualifications. A chauffeur’s underqualification may leave you and your family compromised, exposed, and in a dangerous situation.

Generally speaking, traditional chauffeurs are supposed to drive the clients around, and stay in the car at all times – ready to pick you up and drive away when needed. Having said that, modern day time and development have made traditionally set roles crossing over, with several butlers, assistants or even house managers serving the role as a chauffeur when needed.

This is a wonderful role and works very well for many families, but these staff members are not specialised security professionals with the right skill set and experience to keep you and your family safe. If safety is your main aim and worry, you must look further and dig deeper.

The good news is that there is such a thing as a ‘security driver’. These highly qualified, rare, and skilled professionals are here to fill the gap of the aforementioned issues and answer the call and requests for a multi skilled driver.

How To Find A REAL Security Chauffeur

To ensure you find a qualified security chauffeur you need to dig deep into your candidates qualifications, background, and experience.

Security drivers are specifically trained in keeping all passengers safe whilst transporting them from one place to the other and this needs to be explicit in their qualifications. It’s very difficult not to be blinded by shiny CVs of people who claim to have every qualification under the sun. But when you vet candidates for a living, as we do at Polo & Tweed, you learn to see through the fluff.

It is of vital importance to understand the difference in roles of chauffeurs, butlers, close protection and security drivers so you can match your needs with the right staff. All serve a wonderful purpose and can work alongside each other brilliantly, but especially on the security front, it really is truly worth it to invest in a true specialist.

Finding the right security driver for you and your family can be a complex, confusing, and lengthy process. If you’re going about it on your own, be sure to check for concrete qualifications, real experience, and always check with references to verify information. But we are here to help. Particularly with this position, getting assistance from a professional recruitment agency is highly recommended. 

If you have questions about whether a security chauffeur is right for you, reach out to one of our professionals. We are happy to help.


  1. Richard Rose says:

    My name is Richard Rose I am a fully qualified CPO experienced working in the Uk, I have spoken with Knightsbridge Security Ltd “a very reputable security company” and they are running the new level 4 security advanced drivers course that the Royal protection drivers are having to pass, I believe adding this to my existing skill set shall enable me to be classed as a CP/security chauffeur, what are your views on this?
    Many thanks guys!
    Kind regards Richard James Rose

    • mm LucyChallenger says:

      Hi Richard, I’m afraid we can’t give a comment onto this specific company as we are currently in talks to start recommending a security trainer that we approve of. However we would always recommend undertaking advanced driver courses. I would recommend to ask for reviews and recommendations from people who have undertaken the course, look at the company’s presence on social media and look to see how people have reviewed them. When we are ready to recommend a training centre we will let you know! From an agency perspective having these skills and qualifications on your CV is something we certainly encourage. 🙂

  2. Patrick Cox says:

    Great article and advice. We created a group on Facebook called S.I.T.C Group (Security, Intelligence and Tactical Countermeasures) which is designed for security professionals, military personnels/veterans and Law enforcement professionals. We discuss topics such as what you described in this article. You are welcome to join us.

  3. Nathan says:

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good Chauffeur/Security Chauffeur course in London?? I’m finding difficult to find a decent course.

    I’m ex military and would like to become a security chauffeur.

    Very good article thanks!

    • mm LucyChallenger says:

      Hi Nathan. There are a number of good security/chauffeur courses, but one of our personal favourites is run by Simon Morgan at Trojan. They run a Ofqual Level 4 security Drivers course, and operate 4 courses a year (with a small number of students). The course is 7 days long , with an average of 10 hour days. The course is a dual qualification of the IQ L4 in Security Driving and Management and the Road Smart Advanced Driving qualification. Road Smart is the new name for the Institute of Advanced Motorists. The Instructors on the course are all ex Metropolitan Police officers who have served at the Hendon Driving School and SO14 Royalty Protection, The Special Escort Group. Instructors who served in SO14 Personal Protection will also be in attendance on the course. We’ve heard good things about this course – if you do go to Simon – be sure to say we sent you and he will take very good care of you! Good luck with all your training.

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