Temmi – High End Career Nanny – Working for Wealthy Families

Published on September 23, 2017

Full Name: Temmi

Age: 34

Location: Qatar

How did you decide to become a career nanny? I kind of fell into it honestly – I was looking to move to Russia as an ESL Teacher but the pay was terrible. As I was searching ads I came across an ad for a Nanny position there and was like ‘Wow, that’s more like it… I could do that’. And then I started to apply for positions.

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Cheryl Mackay – Career Nanny Shares Her Tips

Published on September 18, 2017

Full Name: Cheryl Mackay

Age: 43

Location: London

How did you decide to become a career nanny? I decided to become a nanny because I had just finished my NNEB course and there was a Nanny position in my village in Suffolk where I lived.  The rest is history!

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Tracey Roberts: Earning £1000 a week and Picky Eaters

Published on September 13, 2017

Full Name: Tracey Roberts

Age: 42

Location: Paris

How did you decide to become a career nanny? I didn’t proactively choose to become a nanny. I suppose the circumstances that I was living in forced me to look at different job opportunities. I had moved to Athens and as a native English speaker jobs where limited. I had a friend who knew a Greek family who where looking for their kids to enhance their English so it took off from there.

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Sarah: A Young, Driven Career Nanny Shares her Insights

Published on September 10, 2017

Full Name: Sarah Bracknell

Age: 23

Location: South West London

How did you decide to become a career nanny? I was in love with the idea of the job from when I was a little girl. Growing up my friends’ nannies were these fantastic fun-loving beautiful women. I couldn’t not want to be one!

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Alexandria Eleftheriou Founder of The Mothership Lifts the Lid on Nanny Industry Secrets

Published on September 6, 2017

Alexandria has been a Nanny, Maternity Nurse and Sleep Support Worker for the last 7+ years and it is safe to say she has seen all the ‘trends’ in parenting.  From, Gender Neutral Parenting, Natural EVERYTHING vs Just get this done Parenting, Discipline dial downs through to Helicopter Parenting!

The list is endless and with more and more articles being released every day on parenting, its no wonder parents get ‘confused’ on what is right for YOU and YOUR child.

We are delighted that Alexandria shared her pro-tips for both parents and nannies, on her career highlights and the secret to getting a child to sleep.

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Gemma Louise Professional Nanny Tips, Hopes and Dreams

Published on September 1, 2017

Full Name:  Gemma Louise

Age: 34

Location: London

Profession: Professional Nanny

How did you decide to become a career nanny? When I was 14 I started to babysit for two local family’s on a regular basis and loved it. At the same time I also decided to take childcare as one of my GCSE and my love for working for children started there.

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Child Safety at Home: 16 Tips for Nannies

Published on August 25, 2017

In the light of the Grenfell Tower tragic events, all nannies should do a child safety at home risk assessment, whether they are still in their old job, or starting a new job soon. The same applies if you are travelling this summer with the family to a hotel, resort, villa or holiday home.

You will be very surprised to conclude that parents, having lived in the same environment for a long time, do not see the same potential risks as you do as a new person coming into their home. It is very important to ensure that your workplace is safe not only for the children you are looking after but for you as well.

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10 Important Specific Skilled Nanny Interview Questions

Published on August 15, 2017

More and more families are now looking for specific skilled nannies. The most sought after are foreign language speaking nannies (Spanish, French, German, Chinese or Arabic), nannies who play a musical instrument (normally piano), nannies who have trained at a nanny college (either Norland or Chiltern) and nannies with skills such as swimming or driving. 

Whatever type of specific skilled nanny you are looking to hire, it’s important to ask the right nanny interview questions.

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10 Interview Questions To Ask An Ofsted Registered Nanny

Published on May 29, 2017

Employing an Ofsted registered nanny may allow the parents/employers to get financial assistance with their childcare costs. Parents can also get childcare vouchers from their employers if their company has signed up for this scheme. An Ofsted registered nanny will also give the parents the peace of mind that she has all the necessary paperwork such as DBS, first aid etc, as without these she will not be able to be registered with Ofsted.

If you want to read further about how you can get your nanny to register with Ofsted, or what Ofsted is etc, you can read more about this here.  But what are the 10 Most Important Interview Questions to Ask an Ofsted registered nanny?

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